What I've Learned From Taking Pictures With a Little One

Taking pictures with a toddler

So it happened. I always kind of knew in the back of my mind we weren't going to have this perfect family picture. We would try our best and see what happens. Then, in the blink of an eye our little wiggle worm wanted nothing to do with pictures for our Christmas card. Shocker! I mean he is 14 months and all he wants to do is explore. Why in his little mind would he ever want to sit still and smile for the camera? Especially when Aunt Faith is behind it and he wants to come and play. 

To be honest, when I see people post pictures of their kids all prim and proper grinning from ear to ear, I'm like, yeah ok! How many of those did they take to get just one good picture? In a far off land maybe there are children out there that love to get their pictures taken and will actually sit still. For those of us on this planet I'm assuming some of your pictures turn out similar to ours. And you know what? I love how ours came out! So we decided to go a more comical route with our card this year.

This is real life. The reality of having a toddler, and an active one at that. It's perfectly fine that he didn't sit still and become the next baby gap model (although that kinda would have been cool). We did all the checklist things from other posts that I've read about taking pictures with your children. Made sure he had a clean diaper, fed, napped, bribed with snacks. Yeah, that didn't help. So here's what I learned from our little family photo shoot.

Just roll with it. Things happen. If you stress it's going to take away from your whole experience. Try to remember this is still family time and make the best of it.

Laugh. Shake your head and admire your little one for who they are, not for who you are trying to portray them as. 

Animals involved? Our dog was actually the least of our worries. I swear, at one point he looked at our little man and if he could talk, I think he would have said, will you sit yourself down! The dog actually seemed to enjoy getting his picture taken. 

Keep snapping those pictures. Some of my favorite ones are the action shots of the wiggle worm at his best. If my sister would have stopped taking pictures and tried to get that perfect pose we wouldn't have any of these funny memories. 

Speaking of memories, have it be that. A memory, that just so happened to be captured on film. We can't wait to tell him this story when he gets older and have another good laugh. 

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