Baby N. #2's Gender Reveal

I'm so excited to share some highlights from our gender reveal with you! At first we weren't sure if we wanted to do another reveal since we just had one not to long ago for little man. The more we thought about it the more we realized that we want baby #2 to look back and also see that they were celebrated. 

We decided to do something small and only invited family. We also indicated on the invitation that their presence to celebrate with us was present enough. Even though at this point my husband and I didn't even know what we were having. But, our celebration wasn't to get gifts it was to share in this special time in our lives. We had such a great day with everyone and were so happy with the way it turned out. Well, aside from getting a snow storm the day before even though we are already in the end of March. Thankfully it pretty much melted that morning.

It's a boy!!! We are so excited to be having another boy and for little man to have a brother!

We did all of the food based off of story books and nursery rhymes.

It was a great time of celebrating and we are almost sure little man thought the party was for him. He loved playing with the balloons and entertained everyone by singing Old MacDonald and graced us with his ever present charm. He even started singing Happy Birthday when we gave him a cupcake because he associates cupcakes with the song. I am definitely going to have my hands fulls with two little boys but can't wait for what is to come!

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