Have a Cup of Cheer {Printable}

Have a Cup of Cheer Printables

So Christmas is basically around the corner and if your planning is going anything like ours, you probably still have things to do. We wanted to share this easy last minute gift idea with you. We gave these to little man's teachers and they all seemed to love them! Then again, when hot chocolate and mason jars are involved you can't really go wrong. 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Gifts

With the convenience of picmonkey.com we put together these, have a cup of cheer tags, and made them  printable for you {here}. Now all you need are a few mason jars, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and some decorative string. 

What you'll need:
Mason jar
Hot chocolate mix
Decorative string
Medium sized plastic storage bags

To make it easier on our gift recipients, we decided to put the hot chocolate mix into a plastic storage bag and layer the marshmallows on top. You can do whatever is easier for you and directly into the mason jar is also fine. Taking your decorative string, tie the top of the bag shut. Around the top of the jar secure the have a cup of cheer tag. Straws are optional but the pop of green made it festive so we rolled with it. Cheers! 

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