Little Man's First Christmas Play-Mommy Fail

Happy almost Friday! I hope everyone is having a better morning than I had. Let's me just start at the beginning here... 

I got to my little man's school all excited because I thought his school pictures were in today. They were like no, what are you talking about? You had until the 4th to order the pictures but they won't be in for a few weeks. Ah ok. Hopefully they're here for Christmas because they were going to be gifts. Then I go into his class to drop him off and every kid is decked out in Christmas wear. Wt? Then his teacher says, will you be back at 9:15 for the Christmas play? Christmas play? What Christmas play?!?! 

I had no clue this was going on today. I called my husband freaking out. I talked to my boss when I got to work and ended up crying in her office. I felt like such a goof. Then she asks me if I'm getting my period. Why yes, yes I am! (tmi, but we'll all survived; edited: side note, it never came and that's when I found out I was pregnant with little nugget. That explains my emotional break down).

My boss was completely understanding and let me leave to go see our little reindeer. My husband brought a red sweater that we threw over his outfit (we have a whole lot of patterns going on right there, but he rocks it!) It all worked out and he ended up doing great. 

Then, when I get back to work I have this goon ask me if I have a piece of tinsel stuck in my hair?...what? Great, did I brush up against one of those props from the play? Umm no, that's just a shiny piece of grey hair!

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