Friday Favorites-Turkey Style

Happy Friday! It always seems like a week after a holiday is so hectic, but we made it :) We hope you had a great week and it went a little smoother than ours. You can read all about little man's first Christmas play and my mommy fail {here}. Since our Friday Favorites took a backseat last week (turkey was a little more important, just saying) we are now sharing our thanksgiving recap, picture overload, and weekly highlights with you!

1. Thanksgiving Parade: we kept going back and forth about whether or not we were going to venture to the Philadelphia parade. Somehow we drug ourselves out of bed, found parking right when we got to the city, walked a few blocks over, and got front row spaces. Talk about timing. It couldn't have worked out any better if we tried. 

2. Turkey Dinner: we might still be stuffed from all the food we ate, but it was so good! Aside from little man having a tantrum at dinner and hurling his turkey across the table, only to land on our father-in laws plate, it was a great time! Taking selfies with Grandpop just topped it off!

3. Black Friday Deals: we might as well not even call it Black Friday anymore because retailers are getting so crazy with opening the stores earlier and earlier each year. The only reason we took a thanksgiving intermission was because of course target had the camera we wanted as a door buster, and a bundle package, that was too good to refuse. With only six in the whole store, we scored one! And are in love with it! Here are a few other deals we snagged. Oh! The gloves are touch screen and make such a difference.

4. Art: I (Faith) am so happy with how this turned out! It was a messy but exciting project! First time working with plaster, and I love how it looks old and tattered!

5. She's Here!: I (Faith) am saving the best for last :) I adopted a dog last weekend and I'm so in love! Be sure to stop by on Monday to read all about my fur baby.

How was your Thanksgiving? Have you started your shopping yet?

Check out where we are partying today and join in on the fun with some of our favorite bloggers!

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